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Sport Specific Training

A Stronger You

ATP Strength and Conditioning will specialize your training program to accommodate your chosen sport. Team ATP offers programs for High School, Collegiate and Professional level athletes. Our Coaches are here to help athletes reach their potential and goals through our Sport Specific Training programs.

Ice Hockey


Feel Good, Look Good

No matter what your goals are, our team can create a custom meal plan to help you achieve them.  Vegan? No problem. Our coaches have a plant-based solution. Prefer Paleo? ATP has got you covered.  Get started today and be on your way to your best self.

Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Stamina

Strength is the foundation for jumping high, running faster and throwing farther. It is also key to help with injury prevention. Our Coaches offer a wide range of knowledge to help your muscles grow and become stronger. Team ATP provides programs customized to help you become the Athlete you aspire to be. With our Strength and Conditioning programs we can help you achieve your goals and become bigger, faster and stronger.

Strongman Doing Power Squat
Lifting Barbell

Olympic Lifting

Power & Explosion

From beginners to elite, Team ATP offers Olympic Weightlifting programs for all levels. Our Coaches provide programs that are geared towards athletes that are focused on improving their Olympic Weightlifting. No matter what age you are, level of experience or capabilities our programs are designed to develop explosive speed strength and power, while improving overall flexibility and confidence.