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A Will to Win

“A lot of Crossfit is not about being the strongest or the most fit, it’s about who is willing to push through the pain the longest. Who can mentally endure the most, who is willing to go until they pass out. I’m betting on myself… That is what draws me to Crossfit…” -Danielle Sidell

Everyone has bad days. It is almost impossible to be unaffected by a disappointing performance no matter what your training level. You need to approach and confront your bad days head on, work through them, and move on. Doing this will only help you learn and grow as an athlete!

Becoming an elite level athlete does not just mean becoming excellent at your sport, it means becoming excellent at overcoming challenges and bouncing back from setbacks. This combination of physical and mental toughness is what will help you become any level athlete you aspire to be.

To reach your goals and to become a more well rounded athlete, you need to accept the good, the bad and the ugly. Don't allow negative thoughts to dictate your workout or your performance. You are in charge of YOU! Accept failure and strive for greatness! We all have it in us to become great, are you willing to push yourself in order to get there?