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Athlete Chat: Jaci Cale

Think you can get very far in Crossfit or any other sport by just doing the training and ignoring your diet? Well, it's time to THINK AGAIN! Get a look at what an Elite Level Crossfit Athlete puts in her body as we sit down with Jaci Cale to get the reasoning behind her decision to join Team ATP.

How hard is it to maintain your diet or to set aside the time to meal prep for the week?

For me the it's not a challenge to set aside the time to meal prep. I shop and cook all on Sunday for the week and I package it all so it is ready to grab and go. If I didn't properly meal prep it would be difficult for me to stick to a structured meal plan because I don't have the time during the week to do so.

Being a Mother of 2, working Full Time and majoring in Cardiac Sonography, is it more challenging to stick to a meal plan?

It is extremely challenging doing this with kids but if you really want it, it's possible. I make their school lunches, and dinner and it is very tempting to eat their food because it's in my house. I used to munch on their stuff while packing, but knowing exactly what I am supposed to eat helps a ton!

What made you reach out to ATP Strength and Conditioning Coaches Dani and Terry?

I initially was following Coach Dani because she is such a badass and I met Coach Terry while competing at Regionals and he helped me with my Double Unders. I chose to work with Coach Dani on my nutrition because she clearly knows her stuff. She is an amazing athlete and her body is amazing.

How responsive are the Coaches from ATP Strength and Conditioning?

The Coaches are so quick to respond when I need anything and so helpful with my questions. Coach Dani is definitely exceeded my expectations. I love how the meals are quick to prepare and easy to make. It's simple real foods and I have learned some really good recipes to quickly throw things together.