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Why I hired a Nutritional Coach

Hiring a Nutrition Coach

I have been an on again,off again vegetarian since the age of 16 and more recently an on again, off again vegan. I kept switching from a plant based diet to a diet based on lean animal protein,eggs, and dairy along with fruits and vegetables. The reason for my switching back and forth was that I felt like I was not eating plant based correctly. When I was younger there were not a lot of options as a vegetarian or resources on how eat plant based in a healthy way. Over the years there have been more resources and more food options, which helped but when I started running 6 years ago and then started Crossfit 2 years ago it seemed like a plant based diet wasn't going to work. I was counting macros and also ended up going over on carbs and under protein. I was told that beans and lentils were carbs not protein. I was also told eating a lot of tofu was not good for you. Then I started reading and researching. I read "The China Study", "How Not to Die". I read article on I also began to read up on elite athletes who were vegan, such as Brandon Brazier and Rich Roll. I began to think that a plant based diet was probably better for me. I thought I really could do this but I needed help to guide me through my nutrition especially while training for road races and Crossfit. I wanted someone who would understand my love for running, lifting, and Crossfit as well as my desire to do this all on a plant based diet.

Somewhere along my way of internet research on plant based diets for athletes, meal plans, and meal prepping I found an article on an elite Crossfit athlete Jeremy Reijnders who trains and competes while on a plant based diet. Also, in that same article was another elite Crossfit athlete Dani Sidell. I started to follow both of them on Instagram as a way to motivate myself to continue training while being plant based