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Healthy tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! It’s “ok” to be feeling a little uneasy or nervous, it’s a Holiday that is focused on FOOD! The key to having a healthy and successful Turkey Day is by starting your day off with a solid plan and sticking to it!

Here are some tips for a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner!

1.) Eat Breakfast!!!! - Start your healthy Thanksgiving off with our normal breakfast. Most people have the idea of skipping breakfast to save up on calories for the BIG meal, which never works… You end up “spending” a lot more by overindulging on belly busters like a full ladle of gravy (about 800 calories) instead of a tablespoon sized taste (70 calories).

2.) Bring a Dish!!! - Help pitch in and offer to bring a dish or two. If you’re NOT the host of Thanksgiving, reach out and ask what they are serving and offer to bring a couple dishes that would make your time more enjoyable.

3.) Know YOURSELF… - Know what your weaknesses are. For some, it’s alcohol. For others, it may be the dessert table or the salty sides. Going in with a PLAN is KEY! If you’re one that enjoys drinking alcohol, tell yourself, “I’ll enjoy a half glass of wine with appetizers, and a half glass with dinner,” same can be done with mixed drinks or other beverages. Wine isn’t going to be my first recommendation… I would try to avoid that and attempt to drink Truly’s, WhiteClaw’s or a mixed drink with a zero calorie mixer. If you have a sweet tooth, plan for it. Pick ONE dessert and have a taste, let that satisfy you and enjoy it! If one taste tends to send you lusting for MORE, offer to bring your own healthy dessert, which can be done with fruits.

4.) Set yourself up for SUCCESS! - Position yourself well… Don’t stand or sit directly in front of your weakness. Plant yourself elsewhere. Don’t torture yourself over this Holiday, take the time to enjoy good conversations!

5.) Divide your plate up… - As we already know, fill your plate half with vegetables, give the illusion that it is already FULL! Then start adding the other goodies, example, some turkey, fruit, a baked potato or sweet potato.

6.) Savor every bite! - Take the time to slowly eat and chew your foods! It’s the easiest way to enjoy the Holiday goodies without going overboard on the calories!

7.) It’s ok to say “NO”… - People often feel nervous to say “no” when they are at family/friend functions, nervous to insult or offend. Just play it down. Simply say “No thanks, I’m full,” or “Try me later.” It’s EASY!

8.) Kick start the day with a quick workout! - Even if you can’t make it to the gym, start the day off with a quick workout. Go outside and go for a run or stay inside and do a quick circuit routine. Do something to get the blood flowing, the mind right and burning some calories!

9.) Keep your GOALS in mind. - Remind yourself WHY you are working with Coach Dani. Before leaving the house or before company arrives, set aside some quiet time to focus on you and YOU ONLY. Take a few deep breaths, and remind yourself of you ultimate vision – a leaner, healthier and happier YOU! Remember to have fun!

If you guys have MORE questions/thoughts/concerns – please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Coach Dani