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New Month - New Goals



Have you ever waited and waited to start something because you don't know everything about it?

Or you are nervous to fail?

Scared to put in the extra time/hours?

I hear it all the time. Someone has a dream, desire or hope and instead of starting to tackle it, they wait. And wait. Whether it is fear or lack of knowledge, never allow WAITING to become a habit.


Here are 5 ways to start off this new month:

1.) Start this month off strong -> Do a KICK BUTT workout today!

2.) Set a one-week goal. Short-Term goals are the gateway to motivation!!

3.) Set a 30-day goal. Longer-Term goals help keep you going.

4.) Make a gratitude list of what you are thankful for so far this year for a quick and simple happiness boost!

5.) Compliment yourself RIGHT NOW and SMILE!!

Best Regards,

Coach Dani Sidell M.S. Health Coach & Exercise Physiologist