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Athlete Testimonial

I joined ATP Nutrition end of July 2019 because my best friend gifted me 3 months with Danielle.

I had been complaining to her that I couldn’t find anything that worked for me.. I tried shakes, meal replacements, and attempt at eating healthy foods.. just about everything! And I failed at it all. I gained 6lbs after two weeks with a shake company, I felt no difference when I tried eating healthier, nothing worked for me. I also had little to no motivation to work out or be more active.

When I was gifted 3 months with ATP I knew I had to change. I had just turned 30 and had never felt worse in my life. My best friend insisted that Danielle knew what she was doing and she was the best option to change my life! So I gave it a shot.. and she was 100% correct... DANIELLE IS AMAZING! I have never been motivated by someone so much.

I knew I had to put in 100% effort when I started, not only because I couldn’t let my friend down since this was a gift, but also because Danielle made me want to better myself. She celebrated my wins with me, she genuinely was happy when I had scale and non-scale victories, and she helped change whatever it was when I was getting the results I wanted. Because of this, it made putting in the effort easier and worthwhile. I started putting aside time to meal prep, and grocery shop which I thought I never had time for.

After my 3 months was up I knew I needed to continue to keep my new healthy habits and signed up for an additional 3 more months (and then a 7th month on top of that!) In 7 months I have lost 36lbs (and counting), I’ve gained about the same in muscle, and I’ve completely changed my everyday routine and eating habits.

I eat more now than I ever did. I eat more natural, Whole Foods rather than the processed crap I was used to. I also have put myself first over the last 7 months and finally realized my health is most important. I workout consistently 4-6 times a week. I’ve also learned so much about the foods we eat, how to eat them and when to eat!

I can’t say enough about Danielle and ATP Nutrition. I needed a lifestyle change that was sustainable and not something that was a quick fix and ATP is just that. A lifestyle. Not only did I gain An amazing coach who is always in my corner pushing me to be the BEST ME, but also a friend who I’m so grateful for!

All I can say is.. if you are struggling, if you don’t know where to start, if you haven’t succeeded with anything else... take a chance with Coach Dani and Team ATP. The only person holding you back is yourself.