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Athlete Testimonial

SURVIVOR... I have never considered myself to be this, however, I am going to be brutally honest I am…. a SURVIVOR.

When asked to give a testimonial on my recent weight loss I was like “ok and put some words on paper” but Danielle said it needed cleaned up therefore I thought ok I can do this. However, when I started to think about it, although the words were honest, it was not the reason why I have always struggled with my weight. I have never been comfortable in my own skin and struggled with weight issues my entire life, mostly likely caused by abuse that I experienced at a young age from someone I loved, trusted and who was supposed to protect me. I did not realize this until I was an adult.

I was a victim that has struggled with recovery until recently. I allowed my emotions to get the best of me most days and pretty much ate and drank whatever I wanted because I thought it would ease the pain of the raw emotions that I was going through on some of my worst days. I also turned to alcohol because I am a shy/introverted person, I don’t share things about myself however alcohol allowed me to come out of my shell, so I drank a lot. Allowing myself to be a victim I could never explain how I was feeling, I struggled with my confidence, self-esteem, self-image and trust and food was my friend. I would not say I was obese, but I was the chunky kid. With that being said when I hit teenage/young adult years of course I wanted to look better, so I tried every fad diet that came my way, pills, drinks you name it I tried it. Yes, I would lose weight but then it just came right back on along with some additional weight. I worked out, lifted, ran but really nothing seemed to work and did not see the results I wanted. I just quit trying and ate and drank my feelings away.

I finally realized I needed to take my life back. So, I quit allowing myself to be a victim of my past, it was not my fault, I should not feel guilty as I was just a kid. That is exactly what I did one step at a time. First, I met with a counselor, he suggested a book for me to read, which I am doing. But, the real “kicker” for me is when the gym opened, it was like it saved me and made me realize that I am a STRONG and compassionate person, not a victim unless I allow myself to be a one. I went to the gym every day I could and then when the first ATP Nutritional/Gym challenge was announced, I thought let’s give this a try, however, not going to lie I thought it would be a struggle for me. However, it was not at all, I love the programming of the diet/menu options and Danielle being there to answer my questions or make substitutes of things I did not care for.

During this challenge I really learned a lot about myself that emotions do not have to control my food intake and I do not have to rely on alcohol for people to like me. I really tried to follow the programming the entire time, did I failed at times, of course, but I went right back to the programming and at the end I lost almost 20 pounds and 4 percent body fat. I cried when I got my results because I was so very proud of myself. I would recommend ATP Nutrition to anyone because it was such an easy program to follow, I never felt hungry and when I did, Danielle gave me options. During this challenge Danielle sent our plans with options and recipes to try, if I did not like something, she gave me another choice to add to my menu.

Honestly it was one of the easiest programs I have ever followed, and I was never hungry. I even included my husband in on this diet and he has done well too. With the assistance of Danielle and questions she asked about what was important to me, how was I feeling about the journey, it all encompassed what healthy means to me. I really learned a lot about myself and if I put my mind to something and have a good enough reason, I can do anything. During this challenge I was able to decrease my cholesterol numbers as I was afraid, I would soon be put on medications, however, with the new lifestyle choices I was making, my cholesterol numbers dropped. This challenge introduced me to people who really understood that losing weight and being healthy involved a lifestyle change more than a fad diet. As I lost the weight the more mentally sound I was, more active and willing to try new things. I am learning to take the compliments that I receive as well as getting where I want to be. I still have a long way to go but I know that Danielle is there to help me with questions or concerns I have as well as my Little City Gym family. I would not hesitate to recommend ATP Nutrition to anyone as it helped me.