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Athlete Testimonial

I guess I will start by saying I am not a CrossFitter nor a testimonial/review writer, just an overweight 60-year-old fella who has past his prime and is on the downhill slope of life. I have yo-yoed between morbidly obese (BMI) and overweight my entire adult life. Lost a brother to heart disease at 43, my father struggled with obesity and heart disease until the end of his life and passed on those genes to me, quite the gift. I have suffered several heart attacks, the last one being a widow maker that found me unresponsive and lifeless. Briana (a CrossFitter, just ask her, she’ll tell ya.) saved my life and continues to.

Which brings me to the ATP Fitness and Wellness Challenge 2020 and Coach Dani.

Change was needed in my eating habits and approach to food or my time with the ones I love was going to be very limited. Through Briana’s commitment to Little City CrossFit, and in turn Dani Sidell, the Challenge was accepted but not without trepidation. If I failed at this, it would be added to a long list of unsuccessful weight loss attempts; protein shakes, South Beach, Paleo, etc.

Coach Dani and ATP Nutrition is so much more than a coach and diet, and it became apparent very fast that she would not let failure happen. Coach Dani provides meal plans that are personal, delicious, easily prepared and never leaving one feeling hungry. What she really shines at is her enthusiasm for the process and her dedication to success. I never had a coach/client relationship before and wouldn’t have dreamed it would be this positive and constructive. Not a drill sergeant but like a friend with unlimited energy, confidence and knowledge, never forced nor over-bearing. If something doesn’t work for you, she restructures and re-evaluates for YOU.I seriously felt that at the end of this challenge, I would miss her. (I don’t) After just six weeks I’ve lost a substantial amount of poundage, and I feel more energetic and confident.

These changes are a result of Coach Dani’s desire to see her clients succeed, the boundless energy she brings to the process and her unfathomable knowledge and longing to see everyone’s life improved, without being preachy. Her positive energy is infectious and a joy to be associated with.