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Katie K.

"Working with Dani thus far has been an absolute pleasure. It truly makes a world of a difference when you work with someone who keeps you motivated and on the right track! Coach Dani is always there to answer my questions and being so connected with her via texting or a phone call has made it easy to do! I have seen major changes physically but also in the way that I am feeling. 

Her meals are fun and different every week so I am never bored or unsatisfied. 

I can not wait to see what 2019 brings as we continue our journey!" 

Logan F.

"I have been with ATP for almost two years now. In that time I have had a lot of amazing things happen in my life. I celebrated two years clean from drugs and alcohol, got married to the most amazing woman and welcomed my baby girl into the world. The Coaches from ATP have been with me every step of the way and are a major part of my life. I could talk about losing 40 pounds in those two years and doing things physically I never thought possible, but what I truly value as an ATP athlete is the investment in my health and life that the Coaches have made in me! #ATPStrong #2019Together"

Mandy B.

I have been working with Coach Danielle and ATP Nutrition since June of 2019. For those that know me, they know me to be very quiet, an introvert, and unhealthy. I have struggled with my weight for majority of my life, and in all honesty, I feel like a junk food addict.


Since working with Coach Danielle her guidance and constant support has given me the tools to properly learn how to make better and healthier food and eating habits/choices. Not only have I learned what I should be eating and what I should avoid, she has opened my eyes to new foods that I would have never tried before.


With Coach Danielle’s help I am not down 30+ pounds. I am fortunate to also have her as a CrossFit Coach at my box, Little City CrossFit. Coach Danielle has helped me break out of my shell, grow, and become more confident and comfortable in my own skin…. Which is something I have never felt before. I can say with confidence that Coach Danielle has changed my life and for that I will always be grateful.


Coach Dani, Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Megan b.

"I have been working with ATP Strength and Conditioning for over a year and I can't say enough positive things about the coaches and the programming. Dani and Terry provide well balanced training sessions that force me to work my weaknesses as well as build on my strengths. They have been two of my biggest cheerleaders but aren't afraid to give me a firm kick in the pants when I need one. With their help I've been able to achieve so many goals and I can't wait to see where we go in the future!"